Hi, I'm Whitney. In 2011, I quit my job as a game designer, sold most of my stuff, and began traveling the world with a single backpack. In my quest to pack only the most lightweight, comfortable, and versatile clothing I could find – clothing that would take me from freezing cold China and Turkey to the heat of Egypt and Indonesia within a single trip – I discovered the magic of merino wool.

In 2012, when I was less of a vagabond and went to re-expand my wardrobe, it was hard to find clothing that fit my body shape, style, or standards of quality. Most clothing available to buy was either flimsy or ill-fitting, so I gave up and decided I would learn to sew my own clothes. I bought sewing patterns, and swiftly realized that if I didn't do a lot of alteration to the pattern, I'd spend hours sewing a shirt that fit me about as well as something I'd buy off the rack. So I bought a lot of books, sewed up dozens of prototypes, and eventually learned what makes a good pattern.

I found that I loved the artistic and technical aspects of designing garments and pattern drafting. I was also becoming awake to the tremendous ecological and social detriments of fast fashion. I created Vesta Patterns with the intention of designing clothing that was comfortable, versatile, well-drafted, and fun to sew. I customize each style to fit three different body shapes, so other seamstresses can start with a pattern that's in the right ballpark for their figure.

I make things that I love in my home studio in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. I am assisted by a Siamese cat and a Papillon.