The Fable Dress - 3102 - Body Shape E

$14.00 USD

The Fable dress is perfect for all your enchanted forest outings. This unique and lovely pattern features a fitted bodice with princess seams on front and back, a gathered skirt, and -- best of all -- POCKETS!

To select the version of this pattern that will fit you best, focus on the difference between your full bust and underbust measurements. This version of the Fable dress has a 2.5" (6.4 cm) difference between the bust and underbust, which translates to a B or C cup in U.S. sizing.

This pattern is also available for the "A" and "S" body shapes, which are suited for a C/D or a D/DD cup, respectively.

Once you've chosen a version based on your bust and underbust measurements, use your waist measurement to select a specific size.

The printed version of this pattern comes on two sheets of 36 x 48" architectural paper, hand-folded to fit into a crystal-clear envelope along with the size guide and instructions.

This PDF pattern comes in two specially formatted versions. The US Letter and Arch E option allows for printing on either 8.5 x 11" paper at home or on Architectural E (36 x 48") size paper. For the latter size, you can print locally at a copy shop or from an online large-format printer.

Similarly, the A4 and A0 paper option allows for either printing on A4 at home or on two sheets of A0 paper. Here's an option for those in the UK.

For printing at home, the US Letter and A4 pages are laid out in a handy grid that is pleasant to assemble -- rows are numbered, and columns are lettered. Simply overlap the edges of each sheet, tape, and you're on your way.

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The Grail - 3201 - Body Shape E

$14.00 USD

A good t-shirt is hard to find. The perfect t-shirt? As elusive as the Holy Grail.

This version of the Grail is specially drafted for the "E" body shape, which has a smaller bust and hip range in proportion to the waist. In some circles, this shape is known as the "rectangle," but who wants to be a quadrilateral with four right angles?

The Grail the top that you can grab without thinking, because you know it fits you perfectly. It is quick, easy, and fun to sew, with clear instructions that are friendly even to someone who's never sewn their own clothing before.

Because Vesta Patterns are available for three different body shapes, you can select a pattern that's in the right proportions for your figure. That means less trial and error, and more time spent on the fun stuff.

The Grail is intended for 100% cotton or 100% merino wool knit fabric with moderate stretch and good recovery. Each pattern includes three sleeve variations, two necklines, and one tank. It's a pattern for all seasons.

The tank is fitted to the body measurements and works best with medium-weight knits.

The Grail-E tees have 2" of ease at the bust and hip and 1" of ease at the waist. For a snugger fit, sew one size down from your usual size. The tees work well with lightweight knits.

The PDF version of this pattern will be delivered to you as soon as you check out. It's formatted to print on either US letter paper or A4 paper.

The printed version of this pattern features luxurious, hand-folded 20 lb tissue stock, and packaging printed on recycled French paper.

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